Aroma Home Therapeutic Gel Beads Soothing Eye Mask – Seafoam


For soothing and cooling relief, perfect for tired, strained eyes. This soothing Gel Beads Eye Mask is great for relieving puffiness and tension while they block out light, providing you with the perfect conditions to relax. Just place in the fridge or freezer for upto 2 hours. The therapeutic beads are also fragranced with Lavender, Mandarin and Geranium to promote relaxation. Reusable and adjustable you can use this cooling mask again and again. Plus its soft fabric adds an extra level of comfort.

Dimensions = 20cm x 9cm

Fragranced with Lavender, Mandarin and Geranium

For Soothing Tired, Strained or Puffy Eyes

Eye Mask With Comfortable Adjustable Strap

Chill in Fridge or Freezer

Soft Fabric on Reverse

Sea Foam Colour Design

Reusable and Non Toxic

Do not apply for longer than 20 minutes at a time

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