Danielle Creations – Anti-Aging Face Sheet Mask


Retinol C Anti-Ageing Sheet Mask ~

In just 15 minutes, you can revive your skin, providing it with the ultimate nourishment it needs with this ‘Collagen Firming Sheet Mask’ from Danielle Creations.

Each mask uses a unique fabric blend that tightly hugs the contours of the face, allowing for the most effective penetration of these beneficial essential ingredients.

Infused with Retinol C, this mask helps to increase collagen production in the skin, improving the skin’s elasticity for an all round more youthful appearance.

The mask also contains many essential oils including orange and bergamot to help boost skin suppleness and softness.

Also contains other essential ingredients, including grapefruit oil and witch hazel water, which boosts skin softness and suppleness.

Fibre masks are incredibly nourishing, as the sheet acts as a barrier which prevents the product evaporating, for much more effective absorption in to the skin.

The skin can absorb 3 times more from a sheet mask than it can your usual, liquid mask.

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