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  • Journal - Midnight Musings of a Sleepless Genius

    Journal - Midnight Musings of a Sleepless Genius


    If you are lying in your bed at night and your mind is racing with one million ideas, don't waste that precious time on counting sheep! This funky book invites you to let your creativity take over whenever you can't sleep, or won't sleep, or either! With sections about all kinds of dreams to describe, plans for world domination, stuff to do first thing in the morning, midnight experiments or "make your own lullaby" section, you know you'll be well occupied and won't even notice when the sleepiness creeps in. The outside cover has a textured feel to it and the title words are embossed and have a shiny foil effect on them. The pages inside are divided into sections illustrated with Rachel Bright's funky printing blocks designs.


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